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What is Therapeutic Music?

The universal language of music is calming, comforting, healing, and uplifting at all stages of life.  For those in the last stages of life, music can convey emotions that are too profound for words alone.


This specially-trained musician provides live acoustic music in ones personal environment, one-on-one, for therapeutic purposes.  This work is focused on the patient with the aim of bringing in-the-moment comfort to the patient’s whole being—emotional, spiritual, mental, and physiological—simply by having the patient be in the presence of the music.  Only live music is used, which has no other goal other than to address a patient’s immediate needs and provide a healing environment.


Live music is used therapeutically by:

  • Applying elements of music to meet an individual patient’s condition in-the-moment
  • Developing improvisational abilities
  • Developing musicality, intonation, dynamics, and expression
  • Understanding the power of silence
  • Using appropriate types of music to play/sing for specific conditions of individual patients


Please contact me at anneolivo48 at gmail.com or call me at (207) 729-3526 if you have further questions.

Music Ministry to the Sick and the Dying